Tips for choosing the right Content Management System(CMS) for your Website

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Thinking about adding a CMS to your website or thinking about implementing a CMS type solution to your website? Don’t know where to start, well have no fear, I am here to give you some tips on choosing the right CMS for your website A content management system, or CMS, is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and, well, manage content, articles, and blog posting. Using a CMS for your site means that you can easily update data on the site while maintaining the style look and feel( via skinning). I am going to specify which CMS you should use BASED on what you want to accomplish for your site:

I want to: Speak my mind or Write a blog

wordpress logoCMS to use: WordPress

Why: WordPress is quite simple the easiest, most extensible blog CMS out there. Not only is its interface easy to navigate but due to the wealth of plug ins available it is almost impossible NOT to find a custom plug in to do what you want. You don’t even need to log in to WordPress to create a blog post. You can simply set up a email account and email your post to that email and WordPress will publish it (Just make sure no one but you knows that email address or else its Spam galore). Already have a blog on Blogspot or some other site and dread migrating the content to WordPress? Well dread no more as you can use WordPress import feature to import all you content from With thousand of themes available as well as new features being available and the wealth of plug ins available, WordPress is a bloggers dream.

What you should know:PHP and CSS
Username: admin
Password: demo

I want to: Have Forums, Downloadable files, maybe Post a picture or too and possible Write a blog

Community Server logoWhat CMS to use: Community Server

Why: Community Server(CS) has everything you need and more built in and its free(this site uses Community Server). Think that because it uses CS is slow? Community server is used in larger scale apps (such as the forums) to small site like these. It gives you everything you need to create a site that has multiple use functions. You can create a page for photos, write a blog, mirror content(licensing is required) create forms, publish articles(albeit in a some what limited form) CS is easy to install, gives you tons of administration options and makes managing all of it a breeze.

What you should know:C#,, Microsoft SQL, and HTML
Registration Required

I want to: Publish Articles or create a News site

What CMS to use: Joomla

Joomla logo
Why: One of the older and more respected CMS out there. Joomla administration interface makes organizing you content extremely simple. want multiple section with many different categories? Done in a couple of mouse clicks. Want to archive older articles, create new content, trash a incorrect article, post in multiple languages? Done, done and done. Need custom menus, post a hot story to the front page, and move content around? Joomla article manager makes all these task a breeze.

What you should know:CSS
Registration Required

I want to: Support a Open Source Project with a Wiki and Bug Tracker

What CMS to use: TikiWiki

tikiwiki logoWhy: TikiWiki is a great little CMS that can do a bunch of things but its main strength is its ability to create Wikis fairly easily. If you need a CMS to support a open source project, then TikiWiki is the place to start. Not only will you get a Wiki but you will get a bug tracker,Forums,Blogs,Articles,Image Gallery,Map Server,Link Directory, and on top of that it supports Multi-Languages. Its a great CMS for the technical projects that you are thinking of implementing.

What you should know:PHP, CSS, MySQL
Username: admin
Password: demo

I want to: Have a CMS that can do almost anything

What CMS to use: Drupal

drupal logoWhy: Drupal is the swiss army knife of CMS. Drupal in reality can do everything. Need a resource library where users can download files, done. Need a custom registration page that ask specific questions, Drupal profiles does the job. Need a site with multiple looks and many different themes for different sections? You can create multiple view with multiple themes. Need something extremely configurable and modular, Drupal has tons of modules that you can and create anything you want. Drupal is simply the most powerful CMS that is content driven.

What you should know:PHP(a must), CSS
Username: admin
Password: demo

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